The Washington Post

11.11.18 Tabla for Two
06.17.18 Neighborhood parks
05.13.18 Picking A perfume
04.22.18 Day-tripping to Warrenton Va
04.01.18 Outdoor sculpture
05.28.17 Embassies show off their art
04.16.17 Art in North Shaw

Style & Arts:
01.02.16  Art in NYC Subway

10.09.16 Day tripping in Loudoun County

Real Estate cover features:
02.02.19 An old house in New Castle Del
08.04.18 Broomgrass in WVa is beautiful
07.14.18 Art is backdrop to city living
04.14.18 Multi-generation families thrive
12.09.17 This furniture moves
12.02.17 Working at home
08.10.17 Giant garden and farm out the door
07.13.17 Luxury off So. Carolina waters
08.12.17 Living on the farm
07.13.17 Quiet luxury by the water
12.17.16 Designing a house to showcase art
12.10.16 Realtors as renovation consultants
04.23.16 Solar panels cover Washington
12.19.15 Living in a Sears catalog house
08.29.15 The Connected Home
07.11.15 Pretty outdoor spaces
11.15.14 Build an Acorn Deck House
10.25.14 At Home with interesting couple
03.01.14 Going hi-tech in bathrooms